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World-class temperature cables, loggers & data

for industrial applications.

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Engineering & Construction

Ground temperature measurement for foundations and building automation.


Remotely measure temperatures of streams, rivers, lakes and oceans at variable depths.

Oil, Gas & Mining

Solutions for pipelines, bore holes, ice roads and other temperature measurement applications.


Record temperatures under and around roads, bridges, airstrips, railway tracks and more.



BeadedStream is an Alaska-based designer and manufacturer of custom, digital temperature monitoring solutions used in a range of
scientific and engineering applications. We support instrumentation needs in Engineering and Construction, Oil, Gas and Mining,
Transportation, and Environmental Monitoring. Some common applications are:

  • Artificial Ground Freezing

  • Permafrost Characterization

  • Refrigerated Building Foundations

  • Gas & Oil Pipelines

  • Seasonal Freeze/Thaw in Roadways

  • Ice Roads and Snow Trails

  • Avalanche Forecasting

  • Hydrologic Monitoring

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DTC Cables
Digital Temperature Cables
TAC Cables
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Data Loggers
Solar powered & weatherproof.
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Data Platform
Store & analyze data.
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    Specs and Ordering

    Work with one of our friendly data acquisition engineers to quickly receive complete product information and a personalized quote along with estimates for manufacture and shipping times. We also offer consulting and remote installation services as your project may require.

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    Data Management Platform

    Once you data acquisition instrumentation is deployed in the field your BeadedStream loggers will automatically send your data to the BeadedStream online data platform. From here you can graphically monitor your data in real time, download your data sets and manage your deployed assets.

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    Customer Support

    Our friendly and knowledgeable team of data acquisition engineers are available to support your operations post deployment. Our team provides on-going data management support, platform and product training and routine hardware maintenance, updates and repairs.

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