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beadedstream launches the new beadedcloud dashboard

Anchorage, AK, May 2022 – beadedstream inc. is proud to launch its newest data dashboard, beadedcloud, a modernized version of the beadedstream web application. 

Our software developers have improved the usability and responsiveness of the project management dashboard. The interface includes real-time temperature data, with map-based views, tables, time-series, and profile graph options. Through beadedcloud, users can visualize or download their data, or transmit it to another software platform via API integration. 

Users of the beadedstream dashboard are encouraged to migrate to the beadedcloud platform by May 1, 2022. All the existing login credentials will work on the new dashboard and all of the user’s data is present. 

Watch the video below to learn how to use the new beadedcloud dashboard.


For more information, email us at contact@beadedstream.com.

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