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Introducing Spot Logger: Your Enhanced Solution for Local Automated Data Collection

Formerly known as Torpedo 2, the new Spot Logger emerges with a sleek redesign and novel features, enhancing the data collection experience for professional users.

Designed to excel even in the harshest outdoor conditions, the Spot Logger introduces local automated logging, ensuring precise data collection. It boasts the capacity to read one digital temperature cable at a time and offers the flexibility to accommodate multiple cables for spot logging, providing users with exceptional versatility.

Its sleek and compact design, measuring at 7.5”x2.75” (19.05 cm x 7 cm) and weighing a mere 0.32 kg (0.7 lb), ensures seamless storage in your toolbox, readily accessible whenever required. The introduction of a user-replaceable, non-rechargeable battery enhances convenience, offering years of uninterrupted data logging at a once-per-hour interval, thereby ensuring a cost-efficient operation.

The Spot Logger seamlessly integrates technology with usability, providing Bluetooth connectivity for effortless setup and data download through the intuitive Capture mobile App.

Additionally, the logger’s weatherproof housing, complete with built-in easy hose clamp mounting and indicator LEDs for activity, status, and Bluetooth signals, showcases a thoughtful design catering to real-world usage.

To delve deeper into the capabilities of the Spot Logger, we invite you to explore the Spot Logger page

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