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Introducing the beadedstream Snow Depth Monitor

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the beadedstream Snow Depth Monitor (SDM-24). Engineered for harsh environments and remote locations, the SDM-24 provides accurate snow depth measurements from 0 to 2 feet (61 cm). Constructed from rugged stainless steel, this waterproof probe ensures long-term stability and reliable data collection, making it an essential tool for any snow depth monitoring project.

The SDM-24 integrates seamlessly with our industry-leading data loggers and features satellite communication for remote data access. Daily snow depth data is automatically plotted on beadedcloud, accessible via any web browser. This eliminates the need for costly site visits, significantly reducing project costs and increasing efficiency. The device’s ability to be deployed even after snowfall and its low maintenance requirements make it a game-changer in snow depth monitoring.

For more details, visit our Snow Depth Monitor product page.

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