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Digital Thermistor Cables

Low-power digital temperature collection solutions with plug-in-play connectivity to any of beadedstream’s loggers and Third-Party options.

Digital Temperature Cable (DTC)

beadedstream Digital Temperature Cables (DTC)s increase the speed and ease of obtaining temperature data for your environmental or infrastructure application.

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Ice Road Temperature Cables

Increase the speed and ease of obtaining temperature for your environmental or infrastructure operations with the Digital Temperature Cable from beadedstream.

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Rigid Probe

With high density sensor spacing, the Rigid Probe can accurately collect temperature in a variety of applications from road weather management to pond temperature monitoring.

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Armored Cabling

Trusted for the toughest environmental and infrastructure monitoring projects. beadedstream Armored Cabling is perfect for wet, dry, and freezing applications. Proven resistance to wildlife.

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Standard Digital Temperature Cables

Start collecting high quality temperature data from your wet, dirty, frozen world in no time. beadedstream Digital Temperature Cables (DTC)s are purpose built to survive harsh conditions and last. DTCs plug into beadedstream connectivity products such as the D505, D605, and Torpedo 2. And since beadedstream cables are fully digital, connecting to most third party loggers or existing automation and SCADA networks is easy. Get accurate, highly resolved measurements for air, soil, or water temperature. Down a hole, on a mountainside, under a road, through a dam, in a lake, use beadedstream cables wherever you need reliable temperature measurement.

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Armored Digital Temperature Cables

For when you need a digital temperature cable that is extra reliable, crush resistant and can bite back when unwelcome wildlife visits. beadedstream’s armored cable is your best option. It is constructed with a thick polyurethane outer jacket that encapsulates a special wire helix wound under tension. This greatly increases resistance to cable failure from animal chewing and also improves resilience to other cut and crush forces. Armored DTCs still come standard with our all digital, low drift precision sensors. Sensor and cable spacing and length are completely customizable to your projects specific needs.

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Ice Road Temperature Cables

All tundra cables are built with a right-angle sensor at the surface and three additional sensors spaced 10cm (4 inch) apart.” to “Standard tundra cables are built with a right-angle sensor at the surface and three additional sensors spaced 10cm (4 inch) apart, while custom options are available.

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Rigid Probe

Use the rigid probe when you need very close sensor spacing and very long life. Individual sensors can be spaced as close as every 2.5 cm (1 inch). Rigid probes are solid, waterproof, and resistant to frost jacking forces that can overstress any cable solution. Great for a variety of applications from road weather information systems (RWIS) to near-shore sea ice monitoring to pond and streambed temperature monitoring. Customizable up to six feet (1.8m) in length. A “flying lead” sensor for precise installation in pavement sections can be added if desired. beadedstream’s rigid probe merges novel digital technology with a proven temperature node configuration to not only improve data quality, but also promote data continuity for a well-established monitoring program.

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Make your cable installation last forever with protective shielding.

3/4” HDPE Cable Shielding

Use HDPE for more robust shielding of the exposed-to-air section of cable. Suitable for direct burial.

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¾” PEX conduit

Protect your sensors from environmental damage by preloading cables with water-tight transitions and fittings in ¾” PEX conduit.

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½” Stainless Steel conduit

Superior mechanical and anticorrosive properties in a sleek half-inch profile.

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Specialty Sensors

Ground temperature probes, air temperature, pipe or tank sensors.

Air Temperature Sensor with Radiation Shield

Monitor air temperature with this single point temperature sensor. The louvered stainless housing and radiation shield protects the internal sensor from the elements to improve temperature tracking accuracy and rapid response.

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Pipe & Tank Sensor

This single point cable has its internal temperature sensor thermally coupled to the surrounding stainless steel, providing a fully waterproof housing with rapid temperature response.

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Single Point Temperature Sensor

This single point temperature sensor is a perfect match for monitoring temperatures in thermowells, tanks or pipes.

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