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Browse all of beadedstreams temperature loggers, thermistor cables, sensors & connectivity products.

Data Temperature Loggers

Low-power, on-or-off grid data loggers.

D605 Thermistor Data Logger

Log your data without logging the miles. The beadedstream D605 Thermistor Data Logger is built for remote deployments and reliable performance in extreme conditions.

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Spot Logger

Collect a spot reading of all sensors on a beadedstream digital temperature cable or measure trends with long-term logging features.

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Thermistor Cables

Buy or rent standard thermistor cables or build your own custom cables.

Digital Temperature Cable (DTC)

beadedstream Digital Temperature Cables (DTC)s increase the speed and ease of obtaining temperature data for your environmental or infrastructure application.

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Ice Road Temperature Cables

Increase the speed and ease of obtaining temperature for your environmental or infrastructure operations with the Digital Temperature Cable from beadedstream.

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Rigid Probe

With high density sensor spacing, the Rigid Probe can accurately collect temperature in a variety of applications from road weather management to pond temperature monitoring.

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Armored Cabling

Trusted for the toughest environmental and infrastructure monitoring projects. beadedstream Armored Cabling is perfect for wet, dry, and freezing applications. Proven resistance to wildlife.

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Specialty Sensors

Ground temperature probes, air temperature, pipe or tank sensors.

Air Temperature Sensor with Radiation Shield

Monitor air temperature with this single point temperature sensor. The louvered stainless housing and radiation shield protects the internal sensor from the elements to improve temperature tracking accuracy and rapid response.

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Pipe & Tank Sensor

This single point cable has its internal temperature sensor thermally coupled to the surrounding stainless steel, providing a fully waterproof housing with rapid temperature response.

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Single Point Temperature Sensor

This single point temperature sensor is a perfect match for monitoring temperatures in thermowells, tanks or pipes.

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Connectivity & Data

Use 3rd party loggers and view your data on our data platform or your own.


Close the communication gap. For data loggers, industrial automation, SCADA, and embedded systems in rugged environments.

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beadedcloud Data Dashboard

Remote temperature data delivered real time with accuracy. Save money and time by monitoring data and instrumentation without going into the field.

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Capture Mobile App

Capture by beadedstream is beadedstream’s free iOS app and allows users to talk with their beadedstream devices

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Ethernet Activator

Add beadedstream Digital Temperature Cables (DTCs) on to your LAN with the Ethernet Activator.

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Interface with any device supporting Modbus RS-485 or SDI-12 protocols and beadedstream Digital Temperature Cables (DTCs). Integrates with most conventional data loggers, building automation, and SCADA systems.

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Make your cable installation last forever with protective shielding.

3/4” HDPE Cable Shielding

Use HDPE for more robust shielding of the exposed-to-air section of cable. Suitable for direct burial.

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¾” PEX conduit

Protect your sensors from environmental damage by preloading cables with water-tight transitions and fittings in ¾” PEX conduit.

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½” Stainless Steel conduit

Superior mechanical and anticorrosive properties in a sleek half-inch profile.

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RST Instruments

RST Instruments are world leaders in the design, manufacturing and sale of geotechnical, environmental and structural monitoring instruments and data collection. beadedstream is proud to be their exclusive reseller in the state of Alaska.


Manual and automated solutions for monitoring lateral ground displacement in soil and rock for a variety of applications.

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Tilt Monitoring Systems

RST’s MEMS In-Place Tilt Meters measure tilt in either one or two axial planes perpendicular to the surface of the base plate.

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Vibrating Wire Piezometers

Measure water pressure with excellent long-term accuracy, stability of readings and reliability under demanding geotechnical conditions.

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