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Rigid Probe

Use the rigid probe for collecting temperature data with sensor spacing as low as 2.5cm. Great for a variety of applications from road weather management to pond temperature monitoring. Customizable up to 1 meter.

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Polyurethane cable jacket stays flexible below -40 C/F ensuring handling in arctic conditions will not damage cable.

1-wire technology permits over 100 sensors per single cable while remaining lightweight for field technicians.

Integrated aramid fiber increases torsional strength far beyond copper wiring and urethane jacket for extended product life and reduced long-term cost.

All-digital temperature conversion occurs at the sensor for better accuracy on your mission critical projects.

Common 1-wire signal conversion adapts easily to other communication protocols (RS232, TTL, RS485, etc) for easy integration with logger installations.

Unique water-clear encasement molding allows ultra-fine sensor spacing for precision temperature gradients.


● Customizable up to 1.7-m (6 ft)

Outer Diameters

● Rigidsection: 7⁄8” / Cable: 7.0±0.1mm

Operating Range

-55°C to 125°C (-67°F to 257°F)

Field Conditions

● Wet / Dry / Frozen

Outer Shell

● Encased in acrylic round tube

Termination Options

● 3-pin XLR series connector
● Flying leads (3) with ferrule contacts for 24 AWG compatible terminal block interfaces

Maximum # of Sensors

● 41 (Full 1-meter length with 2.5 cm spacing)

Sensor Accuracy

● ±0.1°C from -10°C to +30°C (14°F to 86°F)

Sensor Resolution

● ±0.01°C (12-bit ADC)

Sensor Spacing

● Customizable, user specified
● Minimum spacing: 2.5 cm

Additional Sensor Features

● Converts temperature in 750ms (max)

Built-in Measurement

● Encapsulated ruler decal with markings every 1-mm (or 1/16”)


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Remote data logger solutions.

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