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3/4” PEX Cable Shielding

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Our most commonly used shielding, PEX provides a flexible and workable layer around our DTCs, enhancing abrasion and crush resistance and providing the capacity to direct-bury. Adapter fittings allow transitions to bare cable lead, HDPE, or directly into panel boxes.

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Suitable for direct burial

Nominal diameter


Average OD

0.875 ± 0.004”

Wall thickness

0.097 +0.010/-0.000”


0.10 lbs/ft

Degree of cross-linking


Thermal conductivity

0.24 BTU/(hr ft °F)

Linear expansion

9.33 X10^-4 in/(ft°F) @ 68° F

Working range

-40° F to 200° F (-40° C to 93° C)

UV resistance

15 days


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