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Air Sensor Cable with Radiation Shield

This single point temperature cable is a perfect match for air temperatures. The internal sensor is thermally coupled to the surrounding stainless steel, providing a fully waterproof housing with rapid temperature response.

The stainless housing also provides excellent temperature and chemical resistance making it suitable for nearly any environment.

The accompanying radiation shield layers additional weathering properties while maintaining excellent air temperature tracking.


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Probe diameter

0.218 ± 0.002”

Probe material

304 stainless steel

Cable length

12 feet

Maximum Operating Temperature Range

-55° C to 125° C (-67° F to 257° F)

Sensor Accuracy

± 0.1° C from -10° to 30° C (14° to 86° F)

Radiation shield

Mounts to pipe with a 2.5 cm (1.0 in) to 5.3 cm (2.1 in) OD (with stock hardware, can also mount to unistrut)

Louvre allows air to pass freely through the shield, keeping the probe at or near ambient temperature.

Double louvered design gives improved sensor protection from driving rain, snow, insect intrusion, lower self-heating


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