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BeadedStream Temperature Data Probe (TDP)

There are 16 thermistors in a Digital TDP(Temperature Data Probe). The top sensor is on a wire lead and is placed within 1 inch of the pavement surface. The second sensor is positioned at the bottom of the pavement, no matter the depth. Sensors #3 through #6 are spaced 3 inches apart, sensors #7 through #16 are spaced 6 inches apart, so sensor #16 is positioned 72 inches below the bottom of the pavement.

BeadedStream’s Digital TDP maintains a specific temperature node configuration to meet specifications for pavement and road-base temperature monitoring set out by the Alaska Department of Transportation (AKDOT).

Best Practices for Road Weather Management, as set in place by both Federal and State level transportation programs indicate the importance of monitoring roadway temperatures for issuing effective seasonal weight restrictions on primary highways. These restrictions help prevent pavement damage, avoid higher road maintenance costs, and limit vehicle wear and tear. Additionally, timely weight restriction notices allow commercial trucking the opportunity to plan their work schedules and minimize the impacts of hauling less than full loads.

BeadedStream’s TDP merges novel digital technology with a proven temperature node configuration to not only improve data quality, but also promote data continuity for a well-established monitoring program.

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  • • Proven configuration for profiling road-base temperatures in northern environments.
  • • Meets AKDOT specifications for road-base temperature profiling at RWIS and TDP sites.
  • • Digital technology employs significant benefits over comparable analog version.
  • • Available in rigid or semi-flexible versions.
  • • Various communication outputs are available, please inquire.


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