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D405 Data Logger

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Log your data without logging the miles. The D405 Data Logger is purpose built for remote deployments and reliable performance in extreme conditions.

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Ultra low-power 8-bit microcontroller allows up to two years of battery life or solar panel option enables virtual endless operation.

4 MB non-volatile flash memory has capacity to store data from 100 TAC sensors once per hour for 12 months minimum.

Pre-installed Iridium embedded two-way satellite data transceiver with integrated Iridium antenna can transmit data from any location worldwide.

1-watt solar panel with temperature compensated charge control circuit to protect and prolong battery life.

Tongue and groove continuous polyurethane gasket seal between base and LEXAN® polyurethane clear cover is dust and water tight.

Main Processor / Firmware

· Ultra low-power 8-bit microcontroller
· Multi-threaded custom embedded OS
· Firmware upgradeable by end user

Internal Storage

· 4 MB non-volatile flash memory
· Capacity to read 100 TAC sensors once per hour for 12 months minimum

Real Time Clock

· Temperature compensated
· Automatically synchronizes to GPS clock time
· +/- 5 minutes per year

Communication Interface

· USB Specification 2.0 compliant
· USB Mini-B connector
· Virtual com port driver available (free) for most platforms

Port Connections

· 3-Pin XLR Series heavy duty gold- plated contacts
· 2 Ports standard; option for 2 additional (4 total) ports
· Data lines to all ports can be independently switched
· 5V driver available to power cable sensors if needed

World-Wide Telemetry

· Iridium embedded two-way satellite data transceiver
· Integrated Iridium antenna
· Iridium is the only telecommunications carrier in the world with 100 percent pole-to-pole coverage through its meshed network of 66 low Earth- orbiting satellites

System Power Requirements

· 6 to 10 Vdc (max) input
· Sleep mode: 230 μW typical
· Active mode: 70 mW typical
· Transmit mode: 350 mW (7.5 W max)


· Rechargeable, 6 V, 5.5 AHr sealed lead acid


· 2 months typical w/o solar recharge

Optional Solar Recharging System

· 1-watt nominal (1.75 W max) solar panel with temperature compensated charge control circuit to protect and prolong battery life


· 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 4.0 low energy module built-in


· Embedded 40-channel dedicated GPS processing module
· 34-second time to first fix (typical)
· Integrated 1575.42 MHz antenna

Contactless User Switch

· Built-in magnetic switch is immune to dust, dirt, mud and water; can be triggered through the case
· Switch is preprogrammed: user can initiate temperature readings and transmit data via Iridium
· The user switch can also be used to reset the data logger

Operating Temperature Range

· -40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F)


· 2.3 kg (5.1 lbs)


· 18.0 x 18.0 x 7.9 cm (7.1 x 7.1 x 3.1 in.)
· Additional clearance required for
mounting hardware cable connections and other options such as sonic ranger

Environmental Rating

· Nema Type 4X IP 66, dust tight, survives water jet
· LEXAN® polyurethane clear cover
· Non-metallic base and cover
· Tongue and groove continuous polyurethane gasket seal between base and cover

Mounting Option

· Non-metallic (FRP) strut; compatible with most Unistrut fittings

Optional Digital Snow Stake Add-On

· Designed for snow level measurement this small, lightweight, rugged, ultrasonic, outdoor sensor tightly integrates with the D405 Data Logger
· This ultrasonic sensor is also excellent for water surface measurement
· Maximum range of 10 meters to large targets
· Resolution of 1 cm
· Long narrow detection zone
· Filtering algorithms yield excellent noise tolerance and clutter rejection
· Robust PVC housing meets IP67 water intrusion standard

The D405 data logger from Beaded Stream has several configurable options at order. Learn about each configuration option below.

# of XLR Cable Ports

The D405 logger can have between two and four XLR ports. Two is the default number, each additional port costs $125. Each port supports one Beaded Stream digital temperature cable.

Sonice Range Finder

Sonice Range Finder
Measures water or snow depth. You may still have 4 XLR connections along with the sonic range finder. Only one range finder per logger. Adds $550 to logger price.

Power Source

Lead Acid Battery
Lead Acid Battery
This is the default power option for the D405. The lead acid battery provides three months of continuous power without recharge and virtually unlimited power life when paired with the solar panel recharge option at no additional cost.

Recharge Option

Solar Panel
Solar Panel
The solar panel recharge option is only available in tandem with the lead acid battery. Thanks to Beaded Stream’s ultra low-power digital temperature cables the solar panel can provide the D405 logger with virtually limitless battery life.

Data Plan

Data Plans
All D405 loggers come with an Iridium embedded two-way satellite data transceiver and integrated Iridium antenna allowing wireless transmission of your data from any location on the planet. Data plans are $800 annually and include transmission, storage and a Beaded Stream data analytics dashboard.

Box Color

The default color for all D405 housings, the high-visibility yellow makes it easy to spot your equipment in limited visibility weather and in low light environments.

Panel Box

Once you let us know an enclosure is needed, we’ll follow up to discuss details and determine the proper size, material, and configuration.


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