The University of Manitoba Environment and Geography Center for Earth Observation Science is monitoring the evolution of ice growth and melt by researching the exchange of heat between the ocean, ice, and atmosphere.

There is worldwide concern about the environmental conditions in the Arctic. The University of Manitoba Environment and Geography Center for Earth Observation Science is using a BeadedStream cable as part of a larger sea ice mass balance buoys in the Beaufort Sea and off Daneborg, Greenland, and Station Nord, Greenland. The Digital Temperature Cables extend through the ice into the near surface waters and provides high resolution observations of ice temperature and water temperatures every 30 minutes.

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It is expensive and difficult to collect good data sets in the Arctic because of the harsh, remote conditions. Scientists and researchers at the Center for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) need customized, reliable, rugged temperature cables which can also integrate with the buoys’ existing scientific monitoring equipment.


By using the temperature data collected by BeadedStream Digital Temperature Cables through a Campbell Scientific Logger, CEOS can model ice growth/melt or can attach acoustic sounders to the system that measures the actual ice thickness. CEOS has deployed these systems in the Beaufort Sea, in Daneborg Greenland and in Station Nord, Greenland. Overall the Digital Temperature Cables have provided a reliable and easy way to monitor the thermodynamics of the arctic ice pack in various settings from newly formed landfast first year ice to old and thick multiyear pack ice.


The Beaufort Sea is located north of the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and Alaska and west of Canada’s Arctic islands. It extends from Barrow, Alaska, to the southwestern edge of Prince Patrick Island, then south along the western edges of Banks Island to the coast of Canada’s Northwest Territories. The sea, characterized by severe climate, is frozen most of the year.

Daneborg, Greenland is a station on the south coast of Wollaston Foreland Peninsula of northeast Greenland at the mouth of Young Sund emptying into Greenland Sea.

Station Nord is a military and scientific station in northeastern Greenland 1700 km north of the Arctic Circle.

Products used on this Project

Standard Digital Temperature Cable (DTC)

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