The Iqaluit International Airport is undergoing a significant infrastructural upgrade to improve safety and access to the Canadian Territory of Nunavut. Traffic at the airport has grown steadily over the last three decades and the facility needs to be updated and improved to continue to serve the area. Due to the absence of paved roads, flying is a critical part of the Nunavut transportation and communication network.

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Due to degrading permafrost conditions, buildings in the Arctic are subject to increasing foundation heaving pressure. To protect the foundation – and the overall investment in the Iqaluit International Airport – thermosyphons from Arctic Foundations of Canada have been used in the Iqaluit Airport Air Terminal and Combined Services buildings. Arctic Foundations of Canada uses a patented, passive system to circulate cool air in loops embedded in the foundations. The thermosyphons are important to the overall viability of the airport buildings and the ability to maintain and use the Iqaluit International Airport and are monitored through tracking the temperature sensor data.


In the summer of 2014 , during the first phase of the Iqaluit International Airport construction, BeadedStream worked with Arctic Foundations of Canada to closely match fourteen cables with 197 sensors to specific thermosyphon loops throughout the ATB and CSB foundations. Although the building will not be fully functional until 2017, there are four D405 Loggers uploading real-time data to a website that provides on-going temperature data for the engineers, construction companies, and government representatives responsible for building, operating, and maintaining the airport as they continue the construction process. The foundations will be monitored throughout the the operational use of the Air Terminal and Combined Services Buildings.


Iqaluit, population 6,699, is the capital, government center and gateway to the Canadian Territory of Nunavut. Located in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Nunavut comprises a major portion of Northern Canada.

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