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Product Highlights
  • Enabling anyone to collect data easily from anywhere in the world.
  • Data at your fingertips, 24/7, no matter where you are, where the site is, what device you are using (PC, Mac, Mobile).
  • Visualize – Analyze – Download – API – you can do all of these functions inside beadedcloud
  • Save time and money by monitoring data and instrumentation without going into the field.
  • Make decisions based upon current site conditions.
  • Transmit data for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.



Remotely view, analyze, and download your temperature data accurately and securely in real-time with beadedcloud project management dashboard.

Save money and time by monitoring data and instrumentation without going into the field as you have 24/7 access to your data, wherever you have an internet connection. You may also provide access to other users to facilitate team collaboration.

Wireless monitoring offers many financial, environmental, and safety benefits. By reducing site visits to manually collect data, it allows for significant savings from staff labor and expenses such as plane tickets, helicopter rentals, vehicles, fuel, and accommodations. It also reduces your carbon footprint due to less frequent air and land transportation to remote locations. Lastly, it lowers health and safety risks by not having to send workers to remote areas as frequently.

Make informed decisions throughout your project lifecycle with real-time data, which includes map-based views, tables, time-series, and profile graph options. beadedcloud allows you to visualize or download your data, or transmit it to another software platform via our API integration.


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Connect to our beadedcloud API

Are you interested in connecting beadedcloud to another platform via our API? Perhaps you have a broader database with many interdisciplinary data points stored or you want to use your beadedstream data in modelling software. You will be able to easily generate an API Key when you login to your beadedcloud account to link the two platforms together. To learn more about our API integration, contact our team at contact@beadedstream.com.

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Real-time Monitoring

● 24-7 secure access to your project’s data from a single dashboard


● Monitor anywhere through the internet (web browsers on desktop or mobile devices)

● API allows for seamless connection with other software platforms

● Download data as .csv


● Aggregate data over for many time scales

● View options: table, time series graphs, and profile graphs

● Site locations plotted in Google Maps for easy reference and comparison


● Meet security requirements: automatic daily, weekly, and monthly archiving ensures backup of your data in the cloud


● Share data easily with others using the “add user” function

● Control user access with individual accounts

2-Way Communication

● Communicate remotely with data loggers through web interface

● Increase or decrease logging and transmitting intervals (data delivery charges may be impacted)

● Initiate special messages from the web to trigger site-specific configurations


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