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Single Point Temperature Sensor

Product Highlights
  • Plug & play
  • Comes pre-mounted in an LB 90 degree body with mounting hardware
  • Real-time automatic calibration (voltage, humidity, and ambient noise)
  • Long, narrow detection zone
  • Rugged


This single point temperature sensor is a perfect match for monitoring temperatures in thermowells, tanks or pipes. The internal sensor is thermally coupled to the surrounding stainless steel, providing a fully waterproof housing with rapid temperature response. The stainless housing also provides excellent temperature and chemical resistance making it suitable for nearly any environment.


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Probe Diameter

0.218” ± 0.002” (0.554cm ± 0.005cm)

Probe length

2.9" (74mm)

Probe Material

304 stainless steel

Cable Length

12 feet (3.66m) (call for custom length)

Maximum Operating Range

-55° C to 125° C (-67° F to 257° F)

Sensor Accuracy

± 0.1° C from -10° to 30° C (14° to 86° F)


4-pin Raymo Connector or bare leads

Multiple single point sensors (digitally addressable) can be connected to a single, 3 conductor lead cable via wye molds


Lead length (Minimum 3ft)