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Product Highlights
  • Collect Data from beadedstream devices
  • View, Manage, & Share data in any way from your phone
  • Configure logger Settings intuitively
  • Deploy loggers in the field with a single button


  • Collect Data
    • Download logged data from logger
    • Capture live data from connected cables for Spot reads
  • Troubleshoot problems
    • Display lists of Commands
    • Terminal emulator
  • Configure logger Settings
    • Continuous monitoring. Logging intervals, transmitting intervals
    • Nap / Low power modes which allow loggers to be in stasis for 2 years
    • Units: “Distance” will affect sensor positions that display alongside temperature
    • Lat/long format: Stored with a [Site]. A “site” is any place instrumented with a temporary/dedicated cable


Works for all iOS devices.
Download latest version here.