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Product Highlights
  • Collect Data from beadedstream devices
  • View, Manage, & Share data in any way from your phone
  • Configure logger Settings intuitively
  • Deploy loggers in the field with a single button


  • Collect Data
    • Download logged data from logger
    • Capture live data from connected cables for Spot reads
  • Troubleshoot problems
    • Display lists of Commands
    • Terminal emulator
  • Configure logger Settings
    • Continuous monitoring. Logging intervals, transmitting intervals
    • Nap / Low power modes which allow loggers to be in stasis for 2 years
    • Units: “Distance” will affect sensor positions that display alongside temperature
    • Lat/long format: Stored with a [Site]. A “site” is any place instrumented with a temporary/dedicated cable


Works for all iOS devices.
Download latest version here.


No, the beadedstream Capture app is exclusively available for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). While there is no Android version currently available, users can access the app’s functionalities and features on iOS platforms for convenient data management and monitoring.