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Product Highlights
  • Waterproof and rugged
  • 304 Stainless steel encased to improve thermal transfer with air
  • Easily place in location using ultra-strong magnets
  • Plug & Play with beadedstream loggers


This single point cable has its internal temperature sensor thermally coupled to the surrounding stainless steel, providing a fully waterproof housing with rapid temperature response. The stainless housing also provides excellent temperature and chemical resistance making it suitable for nearly any environment.

When paired with an MPAD magnetic pad, this setup can easily be used on metallic pipe and tank walls.


Probe diameter

0.218 ± 0.002” (0.554cm ± 0.005cm)

Probe material

304 stainless steel

Cable length

12 feet (3.66m) (call for custom length)

Maximum Operating Temperature Range

-55° C to 125° C (-67° F to 257° F)

Sensor Accuracy

± 0.1° C from -10° to 30° C (14° to 86° F)

Stainless Steel Housing Dimensions

1.750” x 1.325” x 0.625” (4.445cm x 3.366cm x 1.588cm) (LxWxH)

MPAD Holding Strength

>20 lbs (>9.07 kg)


Lead length (3 to 12ft)