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Product Highlights
  • Can monitor up to 4 Digital Temperature Cables
  • Store over one million temperature readings
  • Solar powered buoy data logger great for long term projects
  • Lightweight buoy (18 lbs / 8 kg) easy to transport to remote locations
  • Transmit data year round using direct-to-orbit connectivity
  • Run for years with the ultra low-power processor

The beadedstream Buoy enables remote deployments and reliable performance on the water. Monitor above and below water temperatures as deep as 500 m (1640 ft) in the most extreme conditions of lakes and streams.

Buoy Logger Considerations

beadedstream Buoy Logger Considerations

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Hardware / Firmware

● Ultra low-power, high performance industrial microcontroller

● Multi-threaded custom embedded OS


● Capacity for over 1 million temperature readings

● Non-volatile flash memory

Real Time Clock

● ± 5 minutes per year (temperature compensated)

● Periodically synchronizes with GPS network


● Bluetooth 4.2 wireless interface

● Send 2-way commands remotely via the Iridium network

● Compatible with Capture, beadedstream's iOS app


● 1-4x Integrated IP68 Digital Temperature Cables (DTCs)

Ultra Low Power

● 5.5 to 8 VDC input

● Sleep mode: 90 µA typical

● Active mode: 70 mA typical


● Rechargeable 6V 5.5Ah sealed lead-acid battery

Integrated Solar

● Rechargeable 6V 5.5Ah sealed lead-acid battery

Operating Range

● -40° C to +85° C (-40° F to +185° F)

● NEMA Type 4X and IP68


● Embedded 40-channel dedicated GPS processing module

● Integrated 1575.42 MHz antenna

Worldwide Telemetry

● Embedded two-way satellite transceiver and Iridium antenna

● Uses Iridium’s mesh network, 82 satellites, 100% pole to pole coverage

Weight and Dimensions

● 40 cm wide x 27 cm tall (15.7 in x 10.6 in)

● 8.1 kg (17.9 lb)

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