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Product Highlights
  • Plug & Play
  • Use existing data networks to gather your data
  • 125 sensors worth of data per Ethernet Activator
  • Additional protection for your sensors (Over 27kV)
  • User-defined alarms for quick problem detection


Add beadedstream Digital Temperature Cables (DTCs) on to your LAN with the Ethernet Activator. Take advantage of structured cabling that already exists in your building. Save time. Save money. Use existing Cat 5/6, switches, routers, the Internet, and in-house MIS expertise to build out your temperature monitoring network.

A modern solution for building integration of beadedstream’s Digital Temperature Cables. The Ethernet Activator is a small DIN rail mountable unit that processes temperature and DTC metadata and delivers it via HTTP POST and other popular protocols.

Commonly used after construction of a building to give an IP address to your data, transmitting live to your network.


Access Remotely

Receive real-time data and remotely configure

Programmatic Interfaces

HTTP, HTTP POST, SNMP, TCP Socket, Multicast, DHCP


Does not require temperature conversion

Real-time graphing and logging


500 ft (152.5 m) - maximum DTC length


RJ12 jack (DTC). Supports 1 DTC up to 125 sensors.

Ethernet RJ45 jack (data)

Micro USB (power/configuration)

Power and Protection

5V USB charger to standard duplex outlet (USA) included.

Over 27kV static discharge protection on data line

Weight and Dimensions

0.3 lbs (0.15 kg)

4.5 in x 2.5 in x 1.25 in (11.5 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm)


DIN Rail


Custom panel box build


Yes, the Ethernet Activator typically requires IT support from your site to set up. Configuring the network settings, ensuring proper connectivity, and integrating the device into your existing infrastructure usually involve IT expertise. It’s essential to have your IT team involved to ensure a smooth and secure installation process. beadedstream cannot provide this support.

One cable requires one Ethernet Activator.