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Product Highlights

Collect a spot reading of all sensors on a beadedstream digital temperature cable or measure trends with long-term logging features. Torpedo 2 is our most portable data logger and comes with advanced Bluetooth wireless technology. Connect over the air using ​Capture​, our all new iOS app.


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● Bluetooth 4.2 wireless interface

● Compatible with Capture, beadedstream’s iOS app

Contactless Switch

● Built-in magnetic switch is immune to dust, dirt, mud and water

● Triggers through the case for spot readings and Bluetooth wake


● 1 plug & play Digital Temperature Cable (DTC) ports connect up to 100 sensors

Data Storage

● Capacity for over 1 million temperature readings

● Non-volatile flash memory survives even if battery dies


● Ultra low-power, high performance industrial microcontroller

● Multi-threaded custom embedded OS

Battery / Power

● 7.2 V 8.5 AHr lithium primary cell (non-rechargeable)

● 1 year minimum endurance

● Sleep mode: 90 μA, Active mode: 70 mA ( typical)

Real Time Clock

● ± 5 minutes per year (temperature compensated)

Operating Range

● -40° C to +85° C (-40° F to +185° F)

● NEMA Type 4X/IP68


● Body has two indentations for hose clamp interfacing

Weight and Dimensions

● 0.38 kg (0.84 lb)

● 2.75” x 2.5”x 7.25” (7 cm x 6.4 cm x 18.4 cm)

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