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Ethernet Activator

A modern solution for building integration of BeadedStream’s Digital Temperature Cables. The Ethernet Activator is a small DIN rail mountable unit that processes temperature and DTC metadata and delivers it via HTTP POST and other popular protocols.

Integrate BeadedStream Digital Temperature Cables (DTCs) into a local network or internet connection. Commonly used after construction of a building to give an IP address to your data, transmitting live to your network.

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● RJ12 jack (DTC). Supports 1 DTC up to 125 sensors.
● Ethernet RJ45 jack (data)
● Micro USB (power)


● 5V USB charger to standard duplex outlet (USA) included.


● DIN Rail

Weight and Dimensions

● 146grams. 4.5” x 2.5” x 1.25” (11.5cm x 9cm x 3cm)

Web Access Interface

● Live data feed and basic configuration.

Programmatic Interfaces

● HTTP, HTTP POST, SNMP, TCP Socket, Multicast, DHCP


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